Involved Assistance

The key to daily living is that no two days are ever the same. Every day has a new opportunity and that is certainly how we promote things here at Segal Gardens. The level of support each person requires varies and the importance is developing a skill mix to promote the best outcomes for our service users.  

Involved assistance changes the style of support from ‘caring for’ to ‘working with’, it promotes independence and supports people to take an active part in their own lives. The support given to the person is also active. Active Support enables people with learning disabilities to live ordinary lives. 

Cooking Success

People learn best when they are actively engaged in authentic learning tasks and given opportunities to construct meaning and develop understanding. 

Involved Assistance t is a person-centred approach to engaging the person so they can participate in activities and contribute to what is going on around them. It utilises the person’s interests and strengths to tailor activities that the person is more likely to engage in. 

Benefits of Involved Assistance

  • Involved Assistance provides the person with a sense of purpose and routine. 
  • It acknowledges the skills and life experiences of a person and provides an appropriate outlet for these strengths. 
  • Involved Assistance is an emotionally nurturing experience that increases self-esteem and helps the person to feel useful. 
  • It can be an opportunity for greater social contact for the person. 
  • It can help to maintain skills and independence, and improve capacity to perform certain daily activities. 
  • It provides the person with an opportunity for decision-making and choice. 
  • Purposeful engagements additionally help care staff to get to know their clients on a personal level. 

Our exclusive training opportunity is part of our ethos.

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