2020 – Our 20th celebratory year

The 21st May 2020 is our official anniversary and as such we had great things planned including an open day event which we had been planning since last year. Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic impacted on our plans so we have put that back to a later date. We will keep you updated.

Segal Gardens has been so significant to so many people and we are proud to have shared so many memories with so many people.

We would like to express gratitude and thanks to so many :-

Our service users are the reason why Segal Gardens is what it is and they have moulded us to be who we are today. We have supported individuals from all over the country and met lots of wonderful people during this time.

Our staff team have all been pivotal in helping us build on our success from 2000 to 2020 and without their passion, support and commitment this would have been a very different journey.

Our service users families for their trust, support and belief. The valued relationship we develop and maintain is pivotal.

The many wonderful professionals we have worked with over the years who have guided us, supported us, advocated for us and empowered us.

Our own families who have been the backbone for the growth of Segal Gardens and supported us without question.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy this wonderful musical montage that encapsulates our story. Please watch it and know that every image is important to us.

On the 29th May 2020 we had a lovely 20th Anniversary party which was modified due to the coronavirus restrictions in place. As such, we created safe ‘bubbles’ in which Segal Gardens, Oakwood and Berry Bridge held their own party at the same time. It was very much a shared experience. It was a great day and proud to see our service users and team enjoy a celebration of our combined history. We hope you enjoy a section of images from the day.

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