Segal Wild West Day

Just thought l would let you know, showed my family and friends the photos on Facebook, with all the bad press care homes have received. They have said that you are a credit to your profession. Xx‘ Family Feedback October 2020

So as we are all socially distancing ourselves the challenge for front line care services like Segal Gardens is a difficult one. Our staff are being beyond wonderful to ensure they are creative, engaging and supportive to our service users at this difficult time. The restrictions imply our service users not seeing their families and not enjoying their normal day to day activities and experiences. Together we bridge the gap. We hope you enjoy our images from our Wild West theme day which was loved by all as we had music, food, games and fancy dress. Watch this space for more events.

Segal Scarecrow Festival –

We hope you enjoy our recent scarecrow festival. It was great fun and in this current time of restrictions it was a real ‘come together’ and ‘shared’ experience.

Pictures are a moment in time that captures something very special. A moment that can never be repeated and precious to hold and enjoy.

We hope our image selections create a small insight into Segal Gardens, the opportunities, the happiness and the passion that we hold strive to promote.