Record Keeping Training

Record Keeping Training

Records in health and social care settings may be required as legal documents, one reason why anyone completing or using records needs to know how to use them, properly. This is essential induction training.

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Estimated Time: 1 hour

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Record Keeping Training


What Others Have Said

Record Keeping
By: Alan Clough

A very essential and important requirement that was well explained and informative

Angela lowe
By: Angela Lowe

Enjoyed this training refreshed information used daily verry informative and clear understanding

Record keeping
By: Stacey saxon

Excellent training program which allows everyone on all levels to understand and educate themselves on record keeping although I did find the back group music on the videos some what distracting when listening to the voice recordings and feel that the music isn’t necessary but that’s my personal opinion 😊

Record Keeping
By: Amy Wall

I found the information very interesting and easy to understand, as well as the videos. They have given me great examples to use when taking down notes and, given me a better perspective on the subject Record Keeping. Very complex and simple to use, the course was a great way to revise.

Record keeping
By: Tracey Moore

I enjoy my training as you well know but I must say this is the best way of learning with both written and video information was easier to take it all in. Thank you

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