We are thrilled to celebrate our 21st year of service and the wonderful memories we have shared with so many over the years. It is fair to say that 21 years has flown by and we cannot begin to thank so many people who were with us at the very start or played a part in our story of the last two decades. We were planning a celebration open day for May 2020 which was our 20th anniversary but the coronavirus pandemic has put that on hold for now but this will be happening as soon as we are able. So, once again thank you and here is to 21 years more . We have a special page dedicated to our 20th Anniversary please click HERE

Who are we?

Segal Gardens is a specialist residential provider service based in St. Helens, Merseyside. We provide three specialist support services, Segal Gardens, Oakwood and Berry Bridge, for individuals from 18-65 years who may have singular or combined difficulties with autism, experience mental health difficulties, have a learning disability or express challenging behaviour’s.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website.We update with regularity so please keep calling by.

Beyond the Pandemic

It is true that the recent year and beyond has been the greatest challenge the world has faced in many decades. The impact on Segal Gardens and other care placements was massive and within a matter of weeks our worlds would never be the same again. But, with every challenge we must look for opportunity and despite social restrictions we have ensured that Segal Gardens remains a safe place to reside and work. We have worked to create an environment for creativity, opportunity and ensure that the restrictions in place did not and do not impose a lock of experiences. We are immensely proud of everything that the service, the staff, the residents and family / professionals have supported.

Please visit our galleries for many examples of just how we looked beyond the pandemic. Chinese New Year , VE Day ,World Earth Day , St Georges Day , Shakespeare , Involved Assistance , Scarecrow Festival


“During the pandemic the managers have worked extremely hard producing new documents, risk assessments , accessing PPE , keeping us,all fed and watered was very challenging initially. They have worked through out the pandemic without taking time off for rest for themselves. They have addressed any anxieties staff have had regarding the pandemic.
They have put on activities on site during restrictions enabling our service users and staff to have fun!
They have produced endless amounts of new paperwork to keep us all safe and adhere to local authority and government guidance. Testing is in place for both staff and residents and all staff and residents have been vaccinated.
I know how hard DC,GG,DH (managers) have worked through this pandemic and still do today just to keep everyone safe and well. So ” THANK YOU ” you are really appreciated for everything you are doing Staff Feedback June 2021

‘From the first day I joined this company I have felt constantly supported by the management team. They take the time to check in regularly with you, just make sure you are doing ok and don’t have any worries or concerns and I can honestly say that this hasn’t changed at all while dealing with the difficulty of a pandemic and ensuring the safety of all the residents and staff. Resident families are given weekly updates, safe onsite activities have been available for residents, which helps to keep both residents and staff positive, photographs are put onto social media or sent to families to keep them updated on their loved ones. Management is in constant communication with us regarding the pandemic ensuring we are kept up to date with all the new information they receive. They made changes to working hours/rota so we had more rest days, there is transport to and from work to keep us safe and management are always available to listen, give guidance and support. I am just as happy going to work today as I was the first day I started and couldn’t be working for a more supportive company. Thank you for all you’re doing in keeping everyone safe!’ Staff Feedback February 2021

We feel that Segal Gardens have done everything they can through out the pandemic to keep staff and residents safe. We sleep safely in our bed knowing are son is in good hands.’ Family Feedback February 2021

‘I am always confident in the service delivered. The managers are committed to a high standard of support and communicate effectively with me.’ Social Worker Feedback November 2020

‘Always feel supported and I knows I am part of an excellent team who always put the service users best interests first and foremost. I would happily let a relative of mine live at Segal Gardens knowing they would be well looked after. Staff Member Feedback June 2021

RE PANDEMIC – ‘HWCGS Care have done everything in their power to keep our loved ones safe and nothing is too much trouble for management and staff. Phone calls every week on the activities they have done and how my daughter has done during the week. A very well managed care home, especially during these difficult times.’ Family Member November 2020

I think everyone including the managers, staff, cleaners have all worked really well during the pandemic to make sure everyone remains safe and most of all happy. The staff team seem to have pulled together to make this pandemic less daunting and it’s always been a happy place to go with lots of laughs with colleagues and residents despite what’s being going on in the real world. Staff feedback June 2021

“The management team have worked extremely hard during very challenging and unprecedented times to keep all Our service users and staff safe and running 3 services without taking time off for themselves for the past 15 months. New policies, documents , risk assessments have all been produced.” Staff Feedback June 2021

A brief tour of Segal Gardens

Segal Gardens Tour

Segal Gardens is based over three dwellings set within a 3 acre site. Since we originally developed in 2000 Segal Gardens has evolved and invested to promote an environment which promotes extensive opportunities. This includes education, sensory / light room, hot-tub, horticulture, sensory gardens and extensive land which is maintained to perfection in ensuring a calming and peaceful environment. We hope the above video helps provide a glimpse into Segal Gardens and the high standards that we are proud to be dedicated to promote.

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Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing person centred driven outstanding care.

In order to do this, we need to continually evaluate our standards, gathering information from many sources, and provide a feedback that allows suggestions and developments to occur. We appreciate that in order to improve quality, we need to listen, learn and respond.

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