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Keeping up to date with Segal Gardens

The Raven Room

This is our new meeting, family and social room. It is a purpose built building and will be open for full use in Spring 2018. It is a wonderful, spacious building that will serve so many purposes.   

Honey for the bee

Meet our new friend Sam. Sam is from a honey bee protective society and attended as we discovered a honey bee nest in one of our trees. What was first a request for help turned into a lovely morning as Sam talked to us about many interesting facts about a honey bee and the actions he was taking to remove the nest and completely rehome them all. The residents and staff were very interested and this is now to be a project we will cover in Wider Education as it was such an interesting topic. Sam has kindly offered to provide various learning aids which will be fantastic. It is wonderful when a problem becomes such a positive
Quality Assurance Feedback Our most recent 2 monthly quality assurance forms July 2018 are now collated. We reviewed how ‘effective’ we are as a service. We scored     Staff:- 98%     Families - 100% Thank you for all who participated.