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Who are we?

Segal Gardens is part of HWCGS Care Ltd. Opening in 2000 Segal Gardens was developed with a drive to promote a residential service to individuals with complex, multifaceted needs who may find specialist support difficult to locate and sustain. This includes learning disability, autism, mental illness, challenging behaviours and other associated disorders or needs. It is our ethos to provide support based on specific needs and tailor this to support personal outcomes and requirements. We have learned about who we are from the many wonderful and inspiring people we have worked with over the years. One such influence is the comments made by a parent on the placement of his daughter with us when he looked around at the wonderful and varied amenities we offer. He was impressed but stated ‘ all i want is my daughter to be safe and happy’. This comment resonates in everything we do as it is ultimately the most important assurance you can promote. Our ethos is the statement ‘safe, sound and supportive’ and that is quite simply everything we aim to achieve. Since this time Segal Gardens has become a significant provision in the residential field. We have worked hard to develop a nationwide reputation and sustain this through a commitment to delivering the highest standards. The key to our success is then maintaining this through investment and forward progression. We are much more than a traditional residential service and we have striven to reinvent this terminology to suit this. We offer a multitude of opportunities and experiences both within our extensive 3 acre site and beyond in the local community and further. We have a broad range of opportunities available including extensive gardens, gym, hot-tub, education, allotment, sensory garden , multi-sensory room and our newly built social building / family room. Keep up to date with our latest NEWS page by clicking HERE